Quality Policy

As JEOTES Mühendislik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., we offer a wide product range including; Exchangers, Expansion Tanks, Boilers, Accumulation Tanks, Hydraulic Separators, Air Separators, Dirt Separators and provide exchanger maintenance and spare part services (Plates and Seals);
• To define, meet and sustain customer demands, requests and expectations;
• We aspire to become “a frontrunner and a great example” with a responsive demeanour in the industry by adopting the respect to customer’s property and privacy as our principle.
• To provide high quality goods and services in compliance with the National, International Standards and applicable legislation;
• To consistently increase the company’s reputation;
• To comply with Occupational Health and Safety principles and rules; 
• To ensure company’s profitability by increasing quality and efficiency;
• To ensure happiness of our employees;
• To protect environment;
• To keep up with the new technology, industry trends simultaneously with the global stakeholders and provide our customers with the advancements;
• To raise awareness about quality among our staff members, to increase their skills and abilities with professional training, to adopt the principle of teamwork, and to encourage them to participate in the continuous development activities.