Pressure Interceptor

With the development of economy, more and more skyscrapers showed up, especially in big cities. Conse­quently come with lots of problems of cooling in summer and heating in winter because of the pressure created by static head. Chiller condenser or room air conditioners cannot handle those problems without installing PHEs on different levels throughout the buildings. PHEs will limit the pressure and the corresponding requirements on pumps, piping and valves.

With installing PHEs, the entire chilled water system can be designed for low pressure (10bar/150psig), which means cost savings in the chiller as well as in the selection of air handling units and other system equipment. In an indirect cooling system means there will be minimum energy, loss throughout the system. JeoTes™'s PHE enables temperature exchange approaches of no more than 0.5°C< 0.9°C. Instead of having many chillers in a building, PHEs can be placed on several floors as pressure interceptors. It is a compact, low-noise, no-worries solution.