Phe Gaskets

JeoTes™ Engineering Inc. Co. is one of the biggest, extensive plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. Designing and manufacturing gaskets has become one of the areas of specialty. JeoTes™ is manufacturing plate heat exchanger gaskets of all other brands by using its exceptional and advanced experiments.

JeoTes™ provides suitable polymer mixtures according to your requirements and working conditions. Each batch of compound is tested by our company laboratory for accurate properties of prior manufacturing. The exact and original dimensions are strictly adhered when the moulds are manufactured.

Since the very start of JeoTes™, we have formed the faith that quality is the way for our life that is the reason why JeoTes has grown to one of the leading of PHE gaskets suppliers. All the customers will be served as our partners on the path of progress and growth.
JeoTes™ is one the exceptional companies of the world which can cover all your questions and requirements for all models of PHE brands. Regarding to this, JeoTes™ is unique in Turkey with this feature. Product range is including all of types and brands of gaskets from 0, 01 m² to 3 m².

The spare gaskets which can be used in plate heat exchangers brands as below, shows certain dominance and wide production range of Jeotes™.



  • Hydac
  • Termotrans
  • Thermaline
  • Cardinale
  • Tornado
  • Türköz
  • Fiorini
  • Sentry



JeoTes™’s pastes are prepared with certain audit and control. Samples which are picked up from each part of paste are tested and being stored with test results for several years. Paste mixtures are achieved with special recipes through JeoTes™’s accurate experience that comes from PHE and PHE applications. All products’ samples are tested in the laboratory to check the suitability for the required specifications 

Quick Service

You can contact to Jeotes™ for each hour of the day, ask details about storage, have technical support and give an order. Furthermore, you can take service 7/24. It is about intending to seize upon customers as partners and to serve with the highest standard as possible.

Delivery Time

Gasket Manufacturing is the main field of work of JeoTes™. Gaskets are always stored to cover the needs of customers within peak times. Whereas for loaded amounts, delivery time only includes the manufacturing time of
gaskets. JeoTes™ is the only company that can deliver your PHE gasket in a short time.

Optimal Cost Warranty

JeoTes™ is a gasket manufacturer and orders directly from foreign suppliers that can’t manufacture itself, so always undertakes the most suitable and economic prices with the same qualit.

Professional Technical Support

There are plenty of PHE suppliers and models in Turkey and all over the world. Furthermore, most of the models are revised to cover the requirements in time. And this cause complication while supplying the gaskets.
JeoTes™ offers technical support due to your application, about selection of gasket materials and models, the renewing of gaskets in your workplace, PHE’s maximum tightening limits etc. with its experienced, professional team and wide literature archive in a short time.



TRubber materials are blends of additives each rubber material is unique. In some cases the materials from different suppliers are very similar, and in other cases they are not. For example, advised usage temperature may vary between two companies for the same model NBR gasket. The most important ingredient is the polymer, which may vary from 15 to 70%. There is a typical gasket recipe as below: 

All additives affect the properties of the rubber material. A rubber material developed for a certain product is seldom useful in other applications. For technically more advanced products there are always specially developed materials to fulfill the specific demand.
The synthetic polymers are manufactured to achieve special properties that Natural Rubber does not have. For example, such properties like resistance to oils and special chemicals, high temperature and weather (ozone, UV-light) is achieved with this method.
The standard rubber polymer for weather resistance or water/steam resistance is EPDM
(Ethylene-Propylene Rubber), while Nitrile rubber (NBR) is the standard rubber polymer for oil resistance.
You can find some of gasket material of Jeotes™ as follows:
  •  NBR 
(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
  • H-NBR
(Hydrogenated Nitrile)
  • EPDM 
(Ethylene Propylene Diene M-Class Terpolymer)
  • EPDM-HT 
(High Temperature EPDM) 
  • IIR
  • ACM 
(Polyacrylic Rubber)
  • CR
  • CSM 
  • NR 
(Natural Rubber)
  • PNR 
  • T
(Polysulphate Rubber
  • FKM
(Fluorocarbon Rubber Viton *)
  • FFKM 
  • FVMQ 
  • PO
  • FDA and water mixtures
  • And a lot more…

* Viton is the trade mark of DuPont Performance Elastomer