JeoTes™ Thermo-Electrical Joint Production Application

The hot water or steam produced from a central boiler inside the power plant is distributed to many buildings by heating system. We can produce this type of heat from many different resources, for example, oil, natural gas, coal, biology fuel or firing castoff. We also can utilize low temperature heat resource such as geothermal heat by using heat exchangers and pumps.

Hot water of the boiler from heating power factory is transported into the heat exchanger, which will separate the boiler water and the district heating net, then distribute the heat to different end users.

The reasons why separating the boiler water (geothermal well, boiler, plant etc.) and the district heating net area as follow: First, there are pressure differences and temperature differences in the heating pipe network, and they may seriously affect equipment and the heat media; in addition, the heat exchanger can also prevent the equipments of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) from blockage, contamination and erosion. A long-lived, durable and controlled system is provided with that three cycles which is separated from one another.