JeoTes™ Public Facilities

jeotes sosyal tesisler The heating supply system and 24 hours hot water supply system are usually required in public facilities for example, school, hospital, sports facilities, shopping centers, swimming pools, hotels, exhibition center, commercial building and office building. JeoTes™ plate heat exchanger complies with the relevant standards both in safety and utilization of low temperature heat source and sanitary requirements. The measures that are taken in our plate heat exchanger design can effectively reduce the risk of residual and bacterial growth. 

JeoTes™ will provide the best solutions for hotels, exhibition centers, commercial buildings and office buildings, which require heating supply and 24 hours hot water supply during cold weather. Even in summer heat, the excellent JeoTes™ PHE can provide comfort to our customers. The high efficiency of heat exchange makes JeoTes™ to be one of the suppliers who can provide plate heat exchanger with a minimum differential temperature of 1°C.

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Heat energy released from the production or cooling operations can be sold and can also heat other areas as an alternate heat resource.