Heat Recovery

Resource recovery and reuse is advocated by more and more people all over the world. In an optimized HVAC system, cooling and heating are integrated and waste heat and cold will be reutilized in the system. Heat recovery is one often neglected area where PHEs can be profit­ably used. 

There are large potential savings as soon as there is a demand for hot tap water or other types of heating at the same time as the cooling system is running. JeoTes™ has many years' experience from both cooling and heating applications and from customizing this kind of optimized system.

While recovering heat for pre-heating of tap water, for example, the cooling need decreases on the condenser side. Thus the savings will not only be the energy recovered in the heating system, but also the energy not wasted in the cooling system. In an optimized HVAC system waste heat from cooling can be used to warm for example tap water. PHE is possible to recover up to 95% of energy that would normally be wasted.