Frequently Asked Qustıons

How do you calculate the maximum tightening for a PHE?

Each manufacturer has its own criteria. Do not exceed the limit indicated in the documentation of your machine.Some properties may change in case of addition or cancellation of plates. If you are not sure about it, contact us. Going over the pressure limit involves a high risk of
irreversible damage to the set of plates.

JeotesTM has a wide product range for Plated Heat Exchangers. JeotesTM is the only address that you can easily find solutions for all plate heat exchangers including the other brands.


Which material should be used for a specific application?

Gasket materials depends on pressure, temperature and kinds of fluids and characteristic of CIP system.
JeotesTM presents various elastomers. You can consult JeotesTM about the subject and get technical assistancy. We use advanced labrotory methods to advice best gasket quality to your process.

JeotesTM produce both gaskets as well PHE’s.

How often do the plate exchanger gaskets need to be replaced?

There is no fixed rule. Factors such as the quality of the gasket, temperature, product, type of plate, all have an influence. The important thing is not to damage the package of plates by excessive tightening and not to allow the gaskets to crystallize as they can distort the plate grooves. Otherwise, damaging the gasket holes will cost more than changing with new ones.
You can take maintenance, repairing, cleaning and assembling services from JeoTesTM in your workplace.

What are the advantages in buying my gaskets from JeotesTM gaskets?

Principally you will find that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer of the exchanger gaskets, with the degree of specialization involved. Also you will find that the quality is better, as well as generally being more economical.
Furthermore, you will get an optimum return on your investment and a demonstrably superior performance.

Why is preventive maintenance so important?

When you change the gaskets of the plate exchanger with the recommended frequency, you are ensuring a long life for your machine. If the gaskets become hardened, you run a high risk of irreversible damage to the set of plates. You will notice the high performance and greater durability for your machine with JeotesTM plate heat exchanger gaskets.

Why is preventive maintenance so important?

Companies’ having different paste mixtures themselves causes some differences like strength and duration properties between the gaskets even manufactured from the same material (NBR, EPDM etc.) JeoTesTM refers from well known standards, qualified gaskets used already and experiences from PHE applications. In accordance with that, performs a unique manufacturing with a continuous development in paste recipes.

How can I insert Jeotes gaskets into the plates?

​JeoTesTM gaskets’ assembling is same with the original ones. Companies revise their well-known models with various types of reasons and this makes the gaskets and plates to be inadaptable together. JeoTesTM surely follows these new models and supplies gaskets with a definite knowledge. Some companies’ plate and gasket structure seems to be highly complicated (for example crossed flows) so gasket’s or plate’s point of touch can’t be easily understood or model’s asymmetric structure causes difficulties. JeoTesTM has an excellent experience with its wide product range and it serves a complete support about installation.