Free Cooling

Cooling applications relying on free cooling have been installed with good results in many countries around the world. Free cooling combines an environment-friendly alternative for producing cold with economical benefits.

With using free cooling as a cooling source, the use of ecologically harmful refrigerants can be reduced. Free cooling is also a way to cut down on electricity costs - in some cases the cut might exceed 75 %, resulting in great savings.

Free cooling is used mainly for air condition­ing and process cooling. It can cover the cooling requirements during the period when the free cooling source has lower tempera­ture than the cold water, example during winter. In spring and autumn a combination of free cooling and chiller-produced cold is used. Suitable free cooling sources are water from for example rivers, lakes, oceans or ground water, ice and snow storage, or air.

This makes it possible to utilize aggressive cooling media such as seawater, brackish water, or water from rivers and wells. A cooling system using free cooling in combination with a PHE will also require less space, creating an extremely compact solution.