Features Of JeoTes

Glue-Free Gasket

JeoTes™ Pratik® gaskets are glue-free gaskets which is the most practical gasket currently used around the world.  JeoTes™ adopts Hang-On gasket and improves Pratik® gaskets by its own specific design. The gasket is embedded in the groove and fastened on the plate by plate claw. So that it is not so easy to drop and requires no special tools during installation. The gasket has an excellent tightness and long useful life due to its roof type structure. JeoTes ™ PHE that adopts such gasket can withstand the pressure of 40Bar.

These gaskets also are specially designed to avoid fluids to being wasted and even to being mixed. When the gaskets completed their physical service life or somehow couldn’t fix properly, failed or non-slotted gasket can be detected immediately by the observed outflow in leakage section and be corrected once the gasket fails. For the maintenance, the plate of heat exchanger can be cleaned just after removing the gasket, which can be reassembled without any other special tools.

Excellent Plate Design 
 JeoTes™ has many types of plates with various angles and differ¬ent corrugate depths and choose the most ideal plate accord¬ing to your working duty and applications. It provides heat exchangers that are suitable for wide flow passage or narrow flow passage to meet differ¬ent working duties and special media requirements.

 For example, there are two kinds of plates for the same model according to the angles of the pattern. One of them is of high coeffi¬cient heat transmission and high pressure drop, and the other one is of low coefficient heat transmission and low pressure drop. By combining of these two plate types, more effective and long-life design can be achieved. This is JeoTes™’s affair. 

Five-point Positioning Structure

Especially for DN100 and upper models, five-point positioning structure makes the gasket clip on the plate accurately. At the same time consecutive plates fix each other .Consequently it makes PHE to be disassembled and assembled easily.

Advanced Frame Structure
JeoTes™ plate heat exchanger is designed as single side flow. Flow passages can be formed by rotating the same plate 180°and arranging in a row. Consecutive plates are completely locked each other with an interlocking mechanism. The free bearing and the plates’ easy moving in this bearing help the PHE to be tightened to an appropriate position. All bolts are covered with high-strength galvanization.

Alternative Connection Types For More Durable Phes

JeoTes™ PHEs includes connections that are being manufactured from plate or gasket material according to the application for gathering the media in the plate passages completely and preventing the media’s contacting with the frame. This helps the frame to be more long-life and also provides the media’s not being effected from the frame’s paint.

It is very important to use one of these coating systems to prevent corrosion of connections and to protect the media for some high-end applications which have high investment and operating costs for example, water treatment, pharma­ceutical industry, food industry, HVAC, refrigerating industry, etc. For this aim, JeoTes™ can serve threaded or flanged connection type according to PHE size and can remedy with stainless steel, titanium, rubber materials according to the media’s type.

Effective Distribution System

Distribution system makes the fluid possible to distribute uniformly across the entire width of the plate, eliminating dead spots. JeoTes™’s designs provide complete fluid distribution across even for its widest plate.