Dirt Separator

What is a Dirt Separator? 

These products separate the mud, dirt and dust deposited by, depending on its quality, the flowing water within the equipment of heating and cooling systems, and ensure that these materials are removed from the installation through the drainage. The foreign substances contained in the installation cause corrosion on the elements, obstruct heat transmission on heat transfer surfaces and lead to effectiveness. Cleaning and maintenance of classic dirt separators are generally neglected due to challenges associated therewith. However, this negligence creates plunges in the filter and leads to overall ineffectiveness. Thanks to dirt separators the cleaning can be done easily by means of opening a single valve, which enables drainage process.

Tortu Tutucu

Area of usage: These products are used in tank systems (cast or steel tanks), cascade tank systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems and floor heating systems.

The dirt separators are used for removing the dirt and dust accumulated over time out of the system.