Cooling Application

Local Cooling

Local cooling means a cooling system inside a building and providing cooling for the single building. For example, hospital, shopping center, hotel, conference center and an office block.  The chiller plant and the storage facility are located inside each building, the cooling source usually being a chiller. The cold from the source water is transferred to the PHE in building's internal cooling system.

In this application, the PHEs functions as pressure interceptors, transferring the cold between the separate zones and also protect air handling units and other equipment from excessive pressure. 

District Cooling

District cooling means one central source is used for several buildings, instead of local systems for each building. It becomes more and more popular all over the world and creates both economic and environmental benefit, especially if it is combined with district heating in an optimized system.

The benefits for customers are little location, low-noise and lower-cost than investing in a chiller. With centrally produced comfort cooling there will be no noise or vibrations. Maintenance and running costs will be lower and a better level of equipment redundancy and round-the-clock expert management.