Air & Dirt Separators

These products are designed to carry out multiple functions with a single device in order to eliminate the problems caused by the dirt, mud, dust and air bubbles contained within the system. Thus, this design allows both time-saving and cost-saving. Additionally, an air removal valve and an discharge valve are provided over the surface of the air & dirt separators.

Paket Tortu Tutucu Hava Ayırıcı
Area of usage: These products are used in tank systems (cast or steel tanks), cascade tank systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems and floor heating systems.
The dirt separators are used for removing the dirt and dust accumulated over time out of the system. In order to save space in the installation for equipment setup these two functions can be combined by using air & dirt separators. 
Thus, a lot of problems can be prevented including the malfunction of metal components, the cavitation of pumps, the shortcoming of heating and the noise of installation.