Advantages of JeoTes™ BHE


1.High Corrosion Resistant
AISI316 material is used for all plates. Brazing materials can be copper or nickel due to application. JeoTes™ offers high corrosion resistance against many kinds of fluids with these materials.

2.High Pressure Resistant
Owing to the brazing process, brazed plate heat exchangers have higher pressure resistant than gasket plate heat exchangers. JeoTes™ BHEs shows resistance up to 45 bars.

3.High Thermal Efficiency
Carefully designed plate pattern of the corrugated plates easily achieve high thermal transfer rate.

4.High Working Temperature

JeoTes™ resists to 250 °C according to usage of brazing process instead of gaskets to prevent leaking out.

BHEs is much lighter and smaller in weight and size compare to shell tube exchangers; about 1/5 the size of the shell tube exchanger with the same capacity. This advantage provides JeoTes™ BHE an easier installation and replacement.

6.Low Maintenance Cost
The corrugated plates are designed to achieve turbulence flow at low flow rate, no need for frequent maintenance.